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19 Dec 2017

Using authorized or legally approved software application is a must now. This is the main IT law. Actually, the software piracy has been increased almost in every location. Hacking the unauthorized or illegal software is very easy. For preventing the illegal access to the software application, the IT industry introduces various types of the rules and regulation. The software users and sellers are bound to follow these regulations. Audit program software licensing can also prevent the hackers. Now, the questions are what is a legally approved software application? And what is an unauthorized software application?

Every individual software applications contain a license agreement. This agreement allows the users to use the software for a certain period of the time. It can be three months or six months or one year. After that, the users should renew the license agreement to continue the service. Using an updated software along with the license agreement is called the legally approved software application. On the other hand, a few users ignore this program and use unlicensed software application. This is illegal and this is called an unauthorized software application. But, the software vendors keep a track of the software users and usage of the software. In this case, they use the software audit tool and run the Audit program software licensing. A software audit program can be the legal threat to the organization.

The software audit program

Not only the software vendors, the software users can also implement this application and run a software audit program. With the help of this application, the software vendors can detect the licensed and unlicensed software application. Even, they take the legal steps for using the unauthorized software applications. That is why it is called the legal IT threat. But, many other benefits can be found. The details are given below.

The benefits

  • Already mentioned that the users can run this application and prepare an audit report. This is the right way to meet the software vendors at any time.

  • People can use application along with the software asset management tool.

  • The audit tool monitors the software application for 24 x 7 hours. So, it helps to maintain the security of the software.

  • This application helps to improve the software performance. Also, it helps to get the updates. 


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