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24 Oct 2017

When you are using internet, you need to install a lot of small programs and apps on your system. Sometimes before we get to understand the usage of the software installation, we have to do that to continue our work. There are lots of ways taken by the owners of these companies. They implement a lot of ways to fasten the system hasten the work. Suppose you are paying bill online, now you need to go through a series of software checking and once you have reached the online payment page, you will be asked to click on the terms and conditions given by the company. If you are ready to accept the rules of the company, then only you will be able to use the service provided by the company.

This agreement is mandatory

This is clear that unless you accept their clauses, they will not allow you to use their service. Click-wrap agreements are thus one of the agreements that depend on the wish of the service giver. If they want and if only you want to follow their rules, they will let you use the service and if you do not agree to the terms and conditions, they will simply deny your wish of using the software. So here the deal is pretty clear and one sided. These clauses will come in front of you when you are busy and want to use the software badly. So you are not going to ask you anything and you will agree to the clauses without reading them thoroughly. So you are unaware of the future consequences and you are ready to start using the software.

Characteristics of this type of agreements

Click-wrap agreements are non porous. It is a single route thing and you can enter it only through the ‘I agree’ button. If you are not agreeing to the clauses of the company, you are not going to use the software for sure. In most of the cases the high end software has multi layer protection. So you are not going to be able to enter there in any way possible. So this thing is mandatory. The agreement button is the authorization that you give to the software maker and here you are going to use the software with the permission of the maker. So you are certainly doing something following the law and procedure. By clicking the agreement button you are ready to follow and maintain the clauses depicted by the owner.

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