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12 Oct 2017

Every day we start to use a new piece of software and app without knowing the base of it. So there’s a huge risk of getting opened to someone else is there. You need to understand that these app makers are very much technically sound and they know which app you need and through which app they can peek into your system and steal all the essential information from your end.  So while going for new piece of software, we have to be extra careful and you have to make sure that you know the app maker before and then only go and use his product.

Read the example

Let’s take an example. Sometimes you need to convert a word file into a pdf file just to send it to someone else. Now in the hurry, you go to the search engine and type your requirement there. Internet is filled with such products and you will find one as per your requirement. Now you just download and install the software without thinking a bit as you are in hurry and you do not have time in your hands. So, you will not check the base of the software and you will not read the terms and conditions before installing the software. You will simply download and install the software and start your work.

Know the importance of the tool

Here comes the importance of free software license management tool. See when you are accepting the terms and conditions of the app maker without reading it, you are ready to give any piece of information asked by them and you are permitting them anything they want! So you are actually offering them the full access of your computer, hardware and every single piece of information in your machine. So you are basically giving them the path to enter your system and that to without realigning the upcoming problems!

Know the threats

These companies can be fraud. They can steal important information and contacts from your system and misuse them at any point. When you are using a piece of free software, try to use a proper free software license management tool along with it. You must not use a fake product at the end of the day. So make sure that the license management is done properly. Search internet and try to learn the problems and associated threats of this type of services. You just need to find the best solution provider.

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