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04 Sep 2017

According to the market study, the software piracy has been increased globally. One software out of five is getting pirated regularly. Now, the question is what is software piracy? The software users try to avoid the extra expenditure. So, they ignore the software license renewal program. Using a software application without a license agreement is called the unlicensed software or unauthorized software. This is a kind of software piracy. On the other hand, a business software application can be misused by the third party intervention or company staff or the privileged users. Basically, a software application gets installed on many devices. So, people can easily make an illegal copy of the software and share the copied software without the software license agreement. In this way, a software can be pirated. For preventing this illegal practice of the software, the software vendors and the IT industry are trying to create an awareness program for the end user organizations.

How to prevent the software piracy?

Only, the software license compliance program can prevent the illegal access of the software and prevent the piracy. But, what is software license compliance program? As per the IT awareness program, every software application must be protected by the software licensing contract. And, this contract must be renewed. So, maintaining the software licensing agreement is called the software compliance program. The organizations install many software applications. In this case, an appropriate software license management tool must be there. With the help of a software asset management tool, the business houses can manage the software licensing agreement renewal program.

The software Asset management

This application is a very useful license management tool. The software asset management tool is known as the SAM tool, the software license compliance management program, and more. Nowadays, the software vendors are recommending to the users to implement this application. People can also find the automated SAM application. There are many benefits of implementing a Software asset management tool in an organization.


·         The software users can keep a track of the installed software, used or unused software application in an organization.

·         This application is very efficient in identifying the licensed and over licensed software applications.

·         With the help of this application, the users can remember various software license agreement renewal dates, and renew them accordingly.

·         Also, it helps to detect the software license types.


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