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21 Aug 2017

The organizations often face the difficulties due to a poor software management solution. Intentionally or unintentionally, the business houses use noncompliance software. Even, the employees of the organizations make copies of the software and share with other employees or friends. In this way, the software piracy happens. It should be prevented. Otherwise, the Software piracy can be a serious issue for the organizations and the IT industry. The IT copyright has been introduced. According to this copyright, the software vendors should sell the software along with the license agreements. And, the software vendors would have to keep a track of the software. In this case, they can run the software licensing audit program. On the other hand, the software buyers should follow the IT law and renew the license agreements. The software buyers can use the software license management tool. By searching the web, they can find the best free software license management tool. The information of the software asset management tool and audit tool are given below.

The Software License Management Tool

This application is originally called the software asset management solution. Actually, the software license management tool is a very compatible with other software applications. The users can find many benefits of using this application.

·         The software users need to collect the information about various software applications. This is a very tough job. But, the software asset management tool can interact with the software applications and prepare a database.

·         With the help of a SAM tool, the organizations can renew the software license agreements. Also, this tool helps to get the latest updates of the software.

·         The Software asset management tool works as a performance booster and the cost management tool.

·         People can find the lightweight SAM tool, free software license management tool, automated SAM solution, and more.

The Software Audit tool

This is the best way to protect the software license agreements and prepare a software audit report. As we know that the software developers ask for the software audit report. Even, they run the software licensing audit program for finding the unlicensed software application. The software audit application is the subcategory of the SAM solution, but a powerful application. This application can be used as the software security tool. With the help of this software audit tool, the users can organize the software information and prepare the software audit report.

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