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09 Aug 2017

It is not easy to maintain the IT assets and the software assets. There are some rules & regulations of using the software applications. Different software applications have the different restrictions. The business organizations use the software without knowing about all these instructions. That is why they face many difficulties. Mainly, they suffer a lot during the software audit compliance program. In this case, the organizations should keep a track of the installed software and used hardware. On the other hand, the software license renewal is an essential. For maintaining the software and hardware, the organizations can hire the Outside IT staffs or an IT department. This is called the Shadow IT department.  Actually, the Outside IT staffs work for an organization without any permission of the IT department. That is why it is called as the Shadow IT department. It is also necessary to follow the Shadow IT policies. Side by side, managing shadow IT department is also required.

The importance of the Shadow IT department

Most of the organizations are not aware of the Software license compliance or they want to avoid this program. So, they use the unapproved software illegally. On the other hand, it is very easy to hack the unlicensed software. Nowadays, people use different types of software applications, mobile app, access social networking sites, and more. Side by side, they share the software, personal data, bank details, etc. many employees also do the same. In this case, important data and software can be hacked at any time. But, the shadow IT department helps to prevent them. This is actually an IT solution. People can hire the shadow department for managing the various IT projects. The risk is also there in hiring the outside IT personnel. This is called the shadow IT risks. People should learn about the shadow IT Policies for managing Shadow IT risks.

The Shadow IT risks and preventions or policies 

·         Already mentioned that this is an outside IT department. Hiring a shadow IT department is very expensive. In this case, the organizations can implement the software asset management tool and maintain the various software.

·         The organizations suffer due to the lack of awareness about the software usage limitation and the software license agreements. So, the organizations should prove a proper training to their employees.

·         The outside IT staffs can also hack the sensitive data. In this case, using a tight security tool is necessary.

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