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19 Jul 2017

This is true that the software applications help in many ways to run the business. That is why the organizations buy various numbers of the software. In this case, people must aware of the software usage restrictions. Every software has its own policies and user guidelines. The shadow IT department is a useful concept. It helps to maintain the software usage policies. The Shadow IT department helps to maintain the multiple software applications at the same time.

The Shadow IT department

In many organizations, the employees use the unlicensed software applications. They share the software and make illegal copies of the software. For preventing these types of activities, the software users must follow the software usage policies. At the time of the software installation, people can find the software license number. This number is very helpful to find the software usage limitation. Most of the organizations are not aware of this and they are not able to maintain the software licensing agreements. So, they hire the IT staffs from the outside IT department. This is an unapproved IT department. This type of IT section is actually called the shadow IT department.

Undoubtedly, this is a very innovative way to maintain the business software applications. The Shadow IT department helps in different IT projects and maintain the software license compliance. So, it can be called the IT solution. There are different types of risks in hiring the shadow IT department. So, the organizations must follow the Shadow IT policies and prevent the shadow IT risks.

The Shadow IT risk

§  It is very expensive to hire the outside IT personnel. In this case, the organizations should have a proper budget management plan.

§  The whole IT project occurs without any knowledge and authorization of the IT department. So, it can be a serious legal threat.

§  The data breaching is a very common shadow IT risk.

The Shadow IT policies

§  The organizations should introduce their own rules & regulations. The employees must follow these rules and prevent the software piracy.

§  There should have a tight security solution for preventing the database from the outside IT personnel or any third-party intervention.

§  The software asset management tool can help to maintain the different software and software licensing agreements, on a routine basis.

§  Also, the company should arrange an IT training for the employees.


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