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28 Jun 2017

While you are buying a piece of high end software for your company, you are sparing a huge amount of money after it. But after sparing that amount of money, it is not secure using the product on your own. You need to go through the rules depicted by the owner of the software. You need to read the software compliance rules and do as they say. When you are following the rules state by them, you are under the contract and they have to help you and sort out your problems if you face any. So try to be in their good books and do not ever try to ignore the rules stated by them.

Read and comprehend every clause and sub clause in details

The contract you have signed with them will include lots of clauses and some of the clauses will include the tenure of warranty. They will force you to sign the contract with only their clauses; it is your target to convince them to change their contract for your convenience. Ask them to moderate their proposal and make sure to sign the contract only when they strike off some of their fixed points. In some cases third parties are included. Suppose you are buying a system and you are going to implement a bigger system and sell it or give it on rent.

Try to incorporate your conditions

Now someone else uses it and faces problems. In such condition, as you are the first buyer, the user will ask for your help or held you responsible for the problem. So while buying the system from your seller, you need to make sure to mention it there. If the consecutive buyers face any problem, your seller will look into it! There are several other such clauses available and you need to fix everything before you sign the contract with the company. Review SaaS terms of services will help you to make sure that you do not sign on anything that you cannot handle afterwards. Make sure that you know and understand every single piece of clauses written there.

Go through the rules in details

Go through the Binadox software license compliance policies and at any point where you find the clause odd or problematic you need to talk to the client company. Before signing the contract, they should be ready to answer your queries and sort out your problems. Else you must not go ahead signing the contract with them.

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