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14 Jun 2017

When you start a company, you need to keep an eye on each and every department you have in your company. The major and minor raw materials you are using for your business can change the face of the company. You need to take care of the software and other materials that you are using for your project. Remember, at the end of the day, the compliance must be done properly. the set up you have and the new product you are going to use or about to install should support each other else your system will face a lot of unwanted problems.

Know the products in details

While handling a project, you need to make sure that the products you are using for your project comply with the rules of the company that sold you the software. There are lots of rules and sub rules available. When the price is decided between you and the software company, they will ask you to sign an agreement. In the agreement, it is clearly written that you need to follow their instructions. But before you read the whole instruction file thoroughly, they will ask you to sign the agreement. In this way you will not be able to read the rules in details and may face problems.

Know the software compliance

So, How to achieve software license compliance? You need to bring along your lawyer while signing the agreement. The lawyer will read the compliance sheet in details. Remember, there are lots of links available with the pdf sheet and only a lawyer can comprehend what is written in actual. So get the meaning with the help of the lawyer and then only sign the agreement as this may lead you to greater problems in future. The company will ask you to use a certain type of machines and products to use their software. You need to make sure that the software comply with the base of your program, else the product will not work!

What is shadow IT management?

Managing shadow IT is a great thing. There‚Äôs a dedicated IT department available in every company. But sometimes other departments also tend on implementing new software for their projects. This may lead the company to problems in future. So the owner must keep an eye on each department and ask the employees the types of problems they have been facing. In this way the shadow IT risks can be handled and managed! 


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