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31 May 2017

Nowadays, the organizations are implementing the cloud computing application for storing the important database. This is the easiest way and the best way to maintain the organizational database. Not only that, a cloud computing application is a user-friendly, cost-effective, and a time-saving storage system. Also, this is more reliable than a hard disk or a pen drive. Through an internet connection, people can easily store the sensitive information. A high-speed internet connection will help to get an uninterrupted service. In this case, selecting an authorized service provider is mandatory. The users can store the unlimited databases and extend the storage space as per the requirement.  The Cloud computing application helps to access the database from any location at any time. This is actually a web-based software.

The software as a service: -

This is basically known as the SaaS application. Apart from SaaS application, IaaS and PaaS are there. These are the very popular cloud computing application. But, people prefer to use the SaaS application. The Cloud computing application is similar to any other software. So, the software licensing agreement is necessary for using the SaaS service. It will help to get the SaaS updates and a smooth service. There are many service providers available to implement the SaaS application in an organization. The service providers actually host the network, maintain the software application, and allow the users to access the database storage space. That is why; the SaaS application is called the on premise software application.

The SaaS subscription: -


This is the main benefit of using this SaaS application. People may hear this term “Pay as you use”. This is a very common term and used for the electrical connection, telephone connection, and more. The SaaS service is similar to them. In this case, the users can choose the SaaS subscription package and pay as per the usage. Monthly subscription, quarterly or yearly subscription packages are available. The users don’t have to sign any legal contract, and there are no certain restrictions of using the SaaS service. So, the SaaS users can stop using the service anytime. Before implementing the SaaS service, people must learn about the SaaS subscription properly. Different service providers ask the various service fees. Even, the network service quality may vary. So, the monitoring SaaS subscription will help to choose a right subscription package.


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Summary: - Before implementing any kind of software application, people should evaluate the market price, software performance and the service providers. In the case of a SaaS application, the SaaS service monitoring tool is available. It will help to monitor the subscription as well as improve the SaaS performance.


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