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16 May 2017
In this age, the organizations are dependent on different types of the software application and modern technologies. So, people may hear about this term, the shadow IT. It means a particular IT project, which is controlled by the outside personnel. People implement the several numbers of the software, but they are hardly aware of the IT industry and the restrictions of using the software. So, they use the software illegally. The shadow IT concept is a very new business concept and it is growing very fast. According to the recent survey, already 45% - 50% organizations have started implementing this shadow IT concept and investing in this. This shadow IT concept is known as the “Unapproved cloud application”. Through this latest concept, the collaboration tools, cloud computing applications, app sharing, etc., are increasing every location.

The reason behind the shadow IT risk: - 

This is the age of cloud computing application and every software should be protected by the IT copyright laws. In this age, everyone uses the smartphones, iPhone, laptop, etc. Even, an internet connection is mandatory. People always try to find the new software application and install immediately. A few applications are available, people can install these software applications very easily, store the information, and share among the friends or colleagues, without any license key. People should not use this type of software because this is an unauthorized application. In this case, the software hackers can hack the software and the device at any time.

On the other hand, the software vendors may visit organizations and ask the software audit report. The software audit performance is considered as the legal IT threat. The vendors can take a serious legal action against an organization for using an unlicensed software application. Thisis called the Shadow IT risk. This is not easy to manage the outside IT works. That is why the shadow IT risk assessment is required for knowing about the present scenario of the shadow IT department. Different types of shadow IT management tools are available to monitor the shadow IT performance.

How to prevent the shadow IT risk? 
  • Implement a software asset management tool. Nothing can be better than this. It identifies the unlicensed software and notifies the users.
  • Every organization must have its own rules & regulation and organizational policies to control the software. 


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