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15 May 2017

What is a software license? People may hear about the software key or a license key number. This license key number is actually a software license agreement. After buying the software, the users can find out the software license key. Even, the buyers must use the license key while installing the software. This license key should have to be renewed every year. The software vendors use the different types of the license agreements. Each license key or license agreement is different from the others. A unique license key helps the software vendor to track the present scenario of the software. According to the IT act, using software without a license agreement is an illegal work. The software users should ask for permission to the vendors for making copies of the software and share the software. On the other hand, the software vendors also won’t be able to sell software without a software license agreement. 

Why is software license agreement necessary? 
  • Nowadays, the software piracy has increased a lot. Knowingly or unknowingly, many originations software users share thesoftware, they use the software without a license key; people hardly bother to renew the software. These are actually called the software piracy. Generally, a software license agreement is required for the large-scale organization. Also, the government sectors should get agreed with the license agreement while implementing new software. So, the software license agreement protects software and prevents the software piracy. 
  • This is very important to use the latest version of the software. An upgraded version of the software always helps to improve the business performance and earn the profits. The software license agreement helps to get the updates of the software. 
Various types of software licenses are available. The free software license, perpetual license agreement, open source license agreement, etc. are the different types of software licensing contract. People should renew the software license agreement as per the license models. In this case, the license manager tool is there to manage versions of licenses. This is not possible to find out the license type without a software license manager tool. The users can also implement the software asset management tool for renewing the software license agreement regularly. This is a cost-effective and user-friendly application. 


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