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10 May 2017
At this present time, the demand of a cloud-based storage application is very high. This application is also called the digital storage application, cloud computing application, web-based application, and more. This is basically a web-based database storage system. People used to save data by using a harddrive, CDs, pen-drive, etc. These are the traditional way of saving the database. But, that was very time-consuming and expensive. This cloud computing application helps to save the database very easily. Even, people can share the database across the world. In the case of using the cloud computing application, an internet connection is mandatory. The cloud computing application motivates everyone to use the cloud-based storage system. With the help of a cloud computing application, people can save & share images, music files, video files, and more.

The SaaS application: - 

Software as a service, this is the most popular and the best cloud computing application. There are lots of benefits of implementing the SaaS application. The main benefit of this application is that the service providers are available across the world. Secondly, this is a subscription-based software application. “Pay as you use”, that means people can pay the subscription fees as per the usages. People can choose the monthly or quarterly or yearly subscription packages according to the requirements. Other benefits details are given below.
  • People may hear about the on premise software. The SaaS application is one of them. The Service providers only host the actual server of the application. But, they help to implement the software on premise of an organization. Even, they help to maintain the performance of this application, network, etc.
  • In this case, the employees of the organization can customize the setting of the application. This is a very user-friendly application.
  • The SaaS application is a very low-cost cloud computing application. 
  • There is no need to change the corporate server or infrastructure. The SaaS application is compatible with the different types of the software and corporate environment.
SaaS monitoring tool: -

This application is helpful for managing and monitoring SaaS subscription. Before implementing this application, people must evaluate the subscription charges and service qualities. After implementing the SaaS application, the users should measure the performance of the application. It helps to improve the service quality of SaaS applications. Like any other software application, a software license agreement is necessary for SaaS application.


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