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18 Apr 2017
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When you are running a piece of original software in your company, you need to maintain lots of things. You need to make sure that you maintain all the rules and regulations stated by the software company. When we buy something we use the service for a certain time and then we forget about the existence of the program. That means we end up not using the product. Now when something is being kept unused the product automatically loses its warranty period by lying at the place only. That means you bought it with money and you are not using it and losing its warranty.

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Know what you have in your inventory

Sometimes we pay for a certain project and finalise a team that is going to work on the project. This thing happens to us most of the time. When the competition is high, we try to get the project and prepare a wonderful quotation. Now we buy lots of stuff for the project even before the project is finalised. We feel that we got the project and thus the investment starts. But in most of the case, the project is shelved or cancelled on the final stage and we end up losing a hell lot of money.  So we dump all of those pieces of software, new machines and the whole system we bought for the project.

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Check your inventory

For years, all of those things are dumped in your office and you people have forgotten about it and one fine morning you may need the same product you bought for the previous job. Now if you have an audit report in your hand that says whet you have in your inventory, then you can take the product out and use it. But we do not go for audit reports and thus the product stays within your office and you end up buying the same thing twice. So search internet for application optimized license software and make sure that before you go to buy another piece of product, you know what exactly is there in your stock.

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Have the best employee

Having a set of wonderful employees will help you a lot. They know what they have bought. So you need to depend on them on such cases and they will help you a lot. So try hiring the best and trustworthy people from market who will always work for the betterment of the company.


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