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10 Apr 2017
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There is a huge misconception among the software buyers. The software users should know that, no one can buy the actual software. The software publishers are the owner of the software application. They allow others to access the software. That is why a software license agreement becomes compulsory. Also, software license renewal is necessary for preventing the corporate piracy. This is one of the very strict IT Laws. Many times, people share the software among their colleague or friends without any license agreement. Using software without any license key is known as the software piracy. If the software vendors can come to know about this piracy, then they can take a legal step against the software users as well as an organization.

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How to prevent software piracy? 
  • The best way of preventing the software piracy is upgrading the license agreement every year. In this case, the organization should implement a best free software asset management tool.
  • Every organization should have its own policies, rules & regulation, such as purchasing the centralized software; monitor the every device, software performance etc. 
  • Every user should use the software license key and install the software on a device. 
  • There should have the ID proof of the software users or buyers. 
  • Maintaining a software database is mandatory for preventing the software piracy. 
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The software publishers provide some unique license key for every software. So, they can trace the software usage and software license agreement, through these license keys. Along with a SAM tool, an organization can use the software license manager application for analysis of license agreements. A license manager application can find out the information of the different software license agreement. 

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Free software license agreement: - This is free software agreement. Generally, an individual user can use the software along with the free license. The users can use free software for an unlimited period of time. 

Open source software: - This is also free software. The user can share the software for multiple times and change the actual code of the software. 

Annual software: - This is a very common license agreement. Every year license renewal is necessary for receiving the latest update of the software. 

Click-wrapagreement: - While installing new software, the software buyers must get agreed with the software vendors and click “okay” option. This is also called end-user license agreement.

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