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31 Jan 2017

Managing the software license and knowing the version of the software is very important. These things should get the first priority in your business. The market research says many companies are there, they hardly bother for software license compliance. Using a non-compliant software license may cost very high for a new agreement. Also, the vendors can make a complaint against the software users. On the other hand, using expired software is a very risky job. The hackers are there waiting for hacking your system. They can easily hack the unlicensed software, make multiple copies of software, and sell in the market. This is called the software piracy. In this recent time, the software piracy is very common. But, it should be prevented in a proper way. 

If any user opens the software package or installs new software, then he/she must find a complex license number. This is actually the software license agreement and renewing this agreement is very necessary. Every software vendors provide their own unique software license key. They track the software license agreement by using the license keys during the software audit period. The software license agreement is an IT rule or a legal contract between the software buyers and the sellers. So, the vendor should have a proper information of the software, such as the users’ details, server details, license expiry date, the user is using an updated version of the software or the outdated version of the software. 

In this case, there should have a solution to manage versions of licenses. Most of the organizations depend on the manually maintaining the software and software license agreement. But, this is a complicated and an error-prone and time-consuming method. Searching the software one by one is really impossible. The automated software management tool is the best solution for this problem. This is faster than the manual maintenance and time-saving application. 

  • The automated software license tracking tool helps to manage the software licensecompliances. It combines the important information of the software and identifies the version of software. It can help the organization to prevent the unpleasant circumstances and avoid the extra expenses. 
  • As previously said, this is a time-saving application. So, it helps to increase the productivity of an organization.


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