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07 Dec 2016
Whenever we buy and use certain restricted things we might be required to pay a license fee for the same. It is applicable for quite a few things. In today’s world where computer technology has entered almost each and every home, the concept of software licensing is becoming extremely important and relevant. Whenever we use software in its raw form or end-user compliant applications, there is a need to pay a licensing fee. The license could be either one time or there could be the need to renew the license by paying renewal fees on a pre-agreed date, time and the amount also is pre-decided. In this article we will try and understand the various implications of not adhering to the terms and conditions of software licensing. It is quite likely that as an organization or individual you could have a handful of licenses and quite a few of them could have different dates on which the licenses would have to be renewed.

Other Facts To Be Considered

It also would be pertinent to mention that while some software programs have to be renewed after the expiry of certain time period, there are others which might have usage restrictions and other such conditions that have to be complied with. Hence before buying these software and applications, as an end user you must be fully aware of the various rules and regulations which need to be followed. You must be thorough about it and cannot afford to be ambiguous as far as the knowledge of the same is concerned. 

What Happens If You Do Not Follow The Rules 

For each application which you buy there is something known as software license compliance polity which needs to be kept in mind. It could pertain to the date on which the license has to be renewed, the periodicity in which the renewal has to be done, the renewal fees and much more. In most cases the software might stop working once the expiry period is over. In other cases there could be some legal consequences which the customers might have to face in case they do not honor the terms and conditions of the license agreement. It certainly is a highly complex subject matter. 

How to Monitor It Properly

There are many people and organizations who struggle to keep a tab of a host of such software licenses. Hence it is important to have a suitable method by which one can keep a tab on it. Towards this objective choosing a licensing monitoring tool is a great idea.


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